Preparing Your Lawn for Winter


Getting the lawn ready for winter can be quite tasking for homeowners, especially those who have some sort of connection with their yards and gardens. It is obvious that during this period, the days of relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere, alongside the view of your neatly mowed lawn are almost over! Soon, the view will be like that of any other lawn on the street, with your plot of green submerged in snow.

However, that is not it, for your comforting bed of green. Your best shot is to ensure it withstands all elements and sees the end of the coldest winter even.

You want your plot of green to maintain its greenish glory? All you have to do is take the following steps:

Clear debris
Ensure you keep your lawn clean and debris free. Trees shed off dead leaves as the season winds down, and perennial plants wither away too. Signs of any of these on your lawn should call for immediate cleaning. Any unwanted matter on your lawn can be mulched and used as compost for your lawn.

You should also see to regular raking of fallen leaves, even through the winter season as snow melts. This will help prevent the piled up leaves from utilizing nutrients and moisture that your lawn ought to be enjoying.

Rake It Up
Do not give the leaves, leftover by the autumn season, a chance on your lawn. Else, you might leave your turf struggling for essential nutrients once the winter season sets in. Do something, pick up that rake and get to work! And let your lawn get the nutrients in abundance without sharing.

Do a crosscheck on your lawn and make sure it is free from any other debris like tools, garbage, books, toys and the likes because any of these can damage your lawn in no time if it is left lying dormant under the snow.

Fertilize and Aerate
Fertilizer gives your lawn the necessary nourishment it requires to withstand hostile elements, including an extreme cold.

You will want to get your lawn ready for winter, so it can withstand the condition and grow green and lush, depending on the type of grass you planted.

Although for aerating the soil, a plug remover is a perfect tool to use, it, however, takes more time. You can conveniently use a simple spike wheel to provide your lawn with basic aeration.

Keep it Clean
Leaving items on the lawn unconsciously often happens. These items can be left without notice for a long time during the cold winter, as no one goes outside often during this period. Ensure you clear your lawn of all objects after mowing it in preparation for winter, take out time to pick logs, toys and lawn tools that might have been placed anywhere on the lawn. You can also, do an occasional cleaning of the lawn at intervals during winter.

Keep in mind that, if any of these stray items is accidentally left on the grass during winter, and snow falls on it, this can create a dead spot. Subsequently making the grass in that part of your lawn thinner and stunted during spring. Avoid an uneven plot of green and take precautions.

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