Landscaping Maintenance Tips


When it comes to keeping your yard looking it is best, you should consider a landscaping maintenance schedule. There are so many things that you need to keep your lawn and yard in tip-top shape. Hiring a professional and experienced landscaping team, like the one at Grand Oak Lawn and Landscaping, will make your life easier and help boost your curb appeal! Whether you do it on your own or hire the professionals, there are five maintenance tips that you should keep in consideration when working in your yard.


When mowing during the growing season, you want to mow once a week so that you are not taking off more than a third of the leaf blade at a time. There is an ideal height for different types of grass to help keep weeds at bay and keeping grass that tall will help keep your yard looking beautiful. When you mow, mow two strips down the side of the turf and then mow in perpendicular lines, alternating the direction on each strip.

Moss Control in Turf

Moss forms in shady areas where healthy lawn has a hard time growing. Pruning trees are one way to help moss from developing on your lawn, as it allows more sun to hit the lawn and help it grow. If you do get moss, then you can apply liquid iron, as per the label instructions, to get rid of it. Once moss dies, then you can rake it away and overseed the area and cover it with sandy soil.

Weed Control in Turf

If you keep grass at the correct height, mow frequently and with sharp blades, then you can usually keep weeds to a minimum. If you do have some weeds crop up, however, then you can treat them with selective herbicide or by removing them by hand. Removing weeds by hand can be beneficial, even if it is more labour intensive than applying herbicide. It also guarantees that your lawn will not be affected by the herbicide.

Turf Watering Guidelines

You can both overwater and underwater a lawn, both of which are detrimental to your lawns health. Turf roots rely on oxygen to survive and so if your lawn is soggy with water then you end up suffocating the roots. Aeration can help with too much water. If your lawn is too dry though, then the grass can start to die. When it is dry outside, you should water your lawn three to five times a week. Pop up water heads need to be turned on for 7-12 minutes to water a lawn successfully, and rotating heads need 12-20 minutes.

Turf Fertilization

You should be fertilizing your lawn three to five times every year. You need to follow the directions on the bag when applying and be very careful not to over-fertilize, as that can lead to a burnt lawn. Only fertilize in cooler weather, nothing over 26 degrees Celsius. If you aerate your lawn or use top dressing, then you do not need to use fertilization as often.

Taking care of your yard is not hard, but it is time-consuming. You can also end up damaging your lawn when you fertilize it. If you need help lawn care help in Brampton or landscaping in Caledon, then contact Grand Oak Lawn and Landscaping today.

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