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Add value and curb appeal to your property with professional maintenance services. Our uniformed team will take pride in maintaining your property with our regular lawn cut and trim service. Our teams are skilled and share in our commitment to service excellence. From basic to full service we will tailor a program to fit your needs. Relax and enjoy your space while we do the work for you.
Start the season out right with our spring cleanup service. We will clean all leaves and debris from flowerbeds and air rake all lawn surfaces leaving your property clean and ready for summer. During fall we will clean all leaves from flowerbeds and lawn surfaces and finish with a final lawn cut and trim. This service is included in the basic maintenance program.
Corporate image is everything. Let Grand Oak look after your groundskeeping needs. Our team of uniformed skilled professionals will maintain your grounds whether it is commercial or industrial. We will meet with you, asses your needs and tailor a program that’s right for you. From basic to full service grounds care we’ve got you covered.
No need to worry about harmful pesticides. Our organic based lawn care programs are pesticide free with special blends of natural fertilizers that build a healthier lawn starting with adding essential nutrients and conditioners to the soil. We use only the finest quality slow release fertilizers and natural methods of weed and insect control. We start by doing a soil analysis to determine your soil type and then customize a program to meet the specific nutrient requirements of your lawn.
Keep your gardens appealing with seasonal pruning of evergreens, flowering shrubs and hedges. Pruning promotes new growth and healthier foliage.
We will turn, edge and removal unsightly weeds from flowerbeds keeping your property looking the very best. This service is offered bi-weekly or monthly and can be added to the basic lawn cut and trim service.
Aerating your lawn promotes a thicker greener lawn resistant to weeds and harmful insects. Aerating removes plugs of soil reducing compaction allowing the flow of oxygen, water and fertilizers to stimulate root growth. Aeration can be done anytime during the growing season however the optimum time is in the month of September. Also a great time to overseed.
A small amount of thatch is beneficial to your lawn as it helps to retain moisture however thatch in excess of ½ an inch prevents air, water and fertilizers from penetrating the ground while also reducing light penetration. Give your lawn a good scrub by dethatching. This mechanical process removes dead grass at the soil level where harmful insects reside and/or turf disease can develop. Dethatching is recommended in the spring or fall.
A fundamental part of any natural lawn care program is overseeding. A thick, healthy lawn naturally crowds out weeds and is more resistant to disease and insect damage. Grand Oak uses a special blend of grass seed that thickens your lawn and repels insects. Overseeding can be done after aeration or with a topdressing.
Stay warm and cozy while Grand Oak clears the snow for you all winter long.
Our experienced team uses snow throwing equipment taking care not to damage driveways, curbs or landscapes. This service operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whatever the weather conditions, we’re ready.
We will keep all parking areas and walkways clear of snow and ice in a timely manner using current vehicles and equipment. We will customize a program that’s right for you. Count on us to get the job done on time.

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Grand Oak was founded with the purpose of offering outstanding quality and unparalleled customer service while upholding our individual set of sound and uncompromising principles. This is our mission and we continue in pursuit of it with you, our valued client in mind.