Ways to Eradicate the Growth of Weeds


Only a few things can significantly interfere with the bloom and beauty of plants in your garden and weeds do a pretty evident job. The unwelcomed plants are merely nature’s way of providing healing to plantless and wounded patches in the ground. However, this remedy hurts the overall magnificence of your outdoor sites. Thankfully, there are a few tried and tested ways of eradicating the development of weeds and halting their future growth.


Mulching entails spreading compost, decaying leaves, and bark around a plant to maintain coolness and moisture in the soil while preventing weeds from getting any sunlight. You may choose pine needles, wood chips, and bark particles as your mulch. However, it is essential to be careful since bulkier mulch particles can let light into the soil or even contain weed seeds.

Meanwhile, organic mulches are thriving grounds for carabid beetles and crickets that take pleasure in eating weed seeds. You may also shield the soil’s surface with either a newspaper, cardboard or biodegradable fabric, further covering it with other appealing mulch.

Refrain From Digging

Many people make the mistake of rigorously digging the soil to remove weed plants and seeds. This is an inaccurate way of resolving the issue since only the top one to two inches of the weed gets the light to promote germination. Excavating the soil brings ready-to-flare weed seeds on the surface, providing them with a sufficient amount of light they require to grow.

To avoid making this mistake, just cut through the roots of the weed plants with a sharp knife and stop the supply of light.

Pull When Wet

Seasoned weeds are a lot harder to pull out compared to the younger weed plants. The best time to weed your garden and yard is after it rains. Simply equip yourself with gloves, a fork for small plants, a fishtail weeder for larger plants, and a tarp. go outside after it rains and pull out all the weeds.

Cut When Dry

If you need to improve the condition of your weed-infested garden immediately and there is no sign of rain, use pruning loppers to cut the tops of the weeds. The loss of food source will leave the plants at the mercy of their food reserves, eventually exhausting them. Reseeding will also decline.

Plant Close

One of the key ideas to take away is that weed plants need sunlight to survive. Grouping your plants closely shades the soil between them, hindering the growth of these unwelcome guests.

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