The Art of Mowing

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25 Dec The Art of Mowing

Proper mowing is critical to a thick, healthy, vibrant and weed resistant lawn.
Grass grows at different rates during different times of the year. Your mowing schedule should be adapted to the growth of the grass. You should also vary the height of the cut periodically.

Increasing the mowing height will reduce the soil temperature and increase grass density and root depth. It will also reduce the frequency of mowing. The mowing height should vary with the seasons, as follows:

• Spring: 2.5”

• Summer: 3.0”

• Fall: 2.5”

• Late Fall/Last Cut: 2.0”

You should mow high during the hot summer months. Roots grow slower in sunny, hot weather.
Never cut more than one-third of the height of the grass at any one time. This is known as The One-Third Rule.
Keep the mower blades sharp. A dull mower blade will tear the grass blades, causing bruising that will kill the points of the grass blades and resulting in a jagged white fringe at the top of the blade.
Don’t mow when the grass is wet. Cutting when the grass is wet will result in clumps of wet grass that will decompose slowly and smother the lawn. Wet grass will also clog your mower, reducing the effectiveness and efficiency of the mower.
Vary the mowing pattern. By changing your mowing pattern you will reduce soil compaction and avoid ruts in the lawn.

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