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23 May Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn is an important part of your home’s curb appeal, and a well-kept yard can make a big difference in its overall appearance.  If you’re not sure how to achieve the lawn that gets your neighbors to sit up and take notice, read ahead for some great tips on how to take your yard from blah to beautiful!


Many people have the idea that cutting their lawn very short will give them more time between mowing tasks, but this simply isn’t true.  Grass will grow at the same rate and whether you keep it short or long; it will get back to where it started at about the same time no matter its length.  Length does have a great impact on the health of your lawn, however, and keeping your grass longer can actually mean a lusher green space.  Longer grass blades have a better ability to crowd out weeds that are trying to gain their share of sunlight and nutrients, and taller grass can help to protect moisture in your soil, which means less watering for you.  This is especially important during those hot summer months when water might be at a premium.  Maintain mower blades at their highest setting and keep to a regular cutting schedule so that your chore doesn’t become a burden.

If you stick to a regular mowing schedule, the amount of grass that you’re cutting from the tips won’t add up to much, and you’re probably ok to just leave it to biodegrade back into the soil.  When you cut your lawn irregularly, this can mean adding a sweep job to your day, as lots of grass left on the lawn can clump together and actually kill or weaken the grass underneath.  It also doesn’t look very nice.


If you haven’t heard of this before, you can aerate your lawn by removing small plugs over the entire surface so that air exchange is increased.  This helps to alleviate compacted soil and allows more oxygen, fertilizer, and water to reach the grass roots.  It also gives existing roots a little more room to grow.  Depending on the type of soil you have and the level of foot traffic that it sees, your lawn will benefit from at least a yearly aeration.  You can do this either in the spring or in the early fall; aerating can stimulate new growth so it can be the perfect first job for your season if you prefer to have it done in the spring.

Water & Feed

It might seem like a no-brainer, but watering is a crucial task that is often done improperly or inefficiently.  When you water your lawn, it’s important to give it a good, deep drink, so leave that water running for longer periods of time with each session and you should be able to water less frequently.  Feeding is also important; if you’re fertilizing your lawn in the spring then a 20-5-10 balance is best.

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