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02 Mar 5 Reasons Why Organic Lawn Care Makes Your Home A Better Place

Lawns are one of the first things people see when they look at your home, so it’s important to make sure your lawn is something you’re proud of. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to a lawn, but the health of grass and plants on it do. When landscaping is done right, it can make your home look warm and welcoming. The following are a few reasons how organic lawn care can make your home a better place.

More Quality Family Time

With Netflix, smartphones, and video games, people might forget that your home’s backyard can be a great outdoor space that families can have fun in. You can play games, test out martial arts skills, have picnics, and so much more. Organic lawn care makes it so you can play on your grass without having to worry about pesticides and chemicals. A nice backyard is a great gift for your family and pets.

Healthier Family

Organic lawn care will improve the air quality and general health of your family. In non-organic lawn care, harmful chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are frequently applied to the soil, foliage, and grass around a home. Organic lawn care means no chemicals and a happier and healthier family.

Healthier Grass

Your body feels better when it eats healthy, natural foods and feels bloated when you eat processed junk foods. The same goes for grass. Organic nutrients help nurture roots, balance soil pH, and foster an environment for good microbes. If you want rich, healthy grass, healthy soil should be your first goal. We recommend collecting some of your soil for testing to determine its nutrient levels. Then, talk to your organic lawn care company about organic fertilizers. Healthy soil means healthy grass, and healthy grass means fewer weeds, and fewer weeds means a more beautiful lawn.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Upkeep on an unhealthy, chemically treated lawn is a drain on your wallet. Lawns dependent on chemicals can’t fend for themselves and require regular servicing to look presentable. Although a chemically treated lawn may look attractive, it’s ugly underneath. Organic lawn care is healthier and cheaper in the long run. It takes a little work, and you may have more weeds than normal at first, but that just means your lawn and soil needs time to adjust. If you’re patient, you’ll have a healthy, maintenance-free lawn, and more cash in the bank.

Grand Oak Lawn Offers Organic Lawn Care Services in Caledon

Grand Oak is a family-owned business that’s been providing organic lawn care services to homes and businesses since 1984. We are Caledon-based landscapers that serve Brampton and the GTA. If you’re looking for overseeding, aeration, pruning, mulching, flowerbed and topsoil maintenance, or snow removal in Caledon, contact us today.

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